Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charging your Kindle

The K2 plug on the top and the K1 on the bottom. An amazing difference in size/weight. Note the usb connector going into the K2 plug. You can also charge the K2 via usb plugged into your computer. However, it will be a slower charge and hog one of your ports. I see no need unless you are desperate for wall plugs.


  1. Hi Mary,

    You say you can see no reason for USB charging unless desperate for wall plugs. One good reason would be if you find yourself in a country for which you don't have an AC adapter. I haven't needed to do this with my Kindle, but last year while on a busines trip to the USA, I found it easier to charge my MP3 player via USB (when using my client's computer) than tote a heavy adapter with me.

    By the way, thanks for an excellent blog.


  2. So, do I understand that K1 cannot be charged via the USB connection? Kay