Saturday, February 28, 2009

Personal documents on the K2

On the K2 if you go up to the top line of the Home screen. and push the 5-way to the left, it gives the choice of Personal Docs, Subscriptions, Books, All my Items.

So far, the only personal items I had put on the K2 were a couple of text files which I had dragged over from my Mac. These were appearing in with the books. However, I then plugged in my K1 to the USB port and dragged into a folder on my computer some files which had previously been sent to Amazon and returned to my K1 via whispernet. Then I ejected the K1, plugged in the K2 and dragged these files into its document folder. After I ejected it, these files all appear in my Personal Docs if I choose to have the K2 sort that way. These are all files which show the "author" as my e-mail address. I thought that was the clue, only recognizing personal documents which are tagged with your e-mail address.

However, it turns out that documents e-mailed to Amazon for conversion to be sent back to the K2 just land in your Books, not in Personal Docs. Thus there is a flaw somewhere. Does anyone have a solution? Please comment if you do.

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  1. I just discovered that one myself. It's bad enough that undocumented features, like the picture folder, don't work properly, but you'd think that they'd have at least thorougly tested all the documented features. Hopefully, they're working on this one.

    I also hope they give us a way to remove unwanted books from our Archives pages, as they could get very cluttered otherwise.