Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't do this with your Kindle!

One thing that you can not (or should not) do with a Kindle is to hurl it across the room in a fit of pique over a very bad book that you are reading. This was brought to mind today in reading the reviews of the movie, Angels and Demons, because a friend of mine literally did this with the book. The only one of Dan Brown's that I have read is The DaVinci Code which I thought was poorly executed and poorly written and I almost hurled that one. In order to be good, a plot does need to make sense and his do not. I can handle a little straining of credulity but not this much; his writing is so full of cliches that I want to gag. I realize that in writing this, I will offend Dan Brown fans and for that I am sorry. Being a best-selling author does not mean you are a good writer.

If you want some good laughs, go and read Roger Ebert's highly amusing review of the movie, Angels and Demons.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the plot being so complicated and twisted that it made reading the book a chore, not a pleasure.