Monday, May 4, 2009

Fantastic Fiction

The title is misleading, as this is not a review of specific books. Fantastic Fiction is a website in the UK and possibly the best I have found for short information on a lot of books all in one place. One of the really neat things it does when you click on an author is to give you a chronological listing of his/her works. This is something many of us have struggled with over the years, using our library system's database and sorting by newest or oldest, but here it is, nice and easy.

First, there is a brief bio folowed by New and Forthcoming Hardbacks along with their Amazon prices both in the US and UK. Next, a list of series books in order with the year of publication, followed by information on non-series writings by that author. If he/she writes under two names, the bio mentions this and gives us a link to those books. A good case in point is Ruth Rendell, who writes the Chief Inspector Wexford series as well as a ton of other books as Rendell. The next Wexford book is due out in October, 2009. She also writes as Barbara Vine and her latest, published in the US, is The Birthday Present. If you don't already know, Barbara Vine books display Ruth Rendell's wild side. Wexford, on the other hand, is quite tame, but fun to read. The very latest Barbara Vine has been published in the UK but not yet in the US.

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